As you know, two weeks ago I was visiting again the Austrian Alps. I love the Alps more than anything, so I always want to go back. This time we explored the Silvretta Hochalpenstraße. Before we have already been in other mountain passes and there is so much left to see as well.

Just look at the beauty of the Alps.




Well some people are real masochists. Driving a bike on 2037 m AA. I really admire them.


The Bielerhöhe is the highest place in the Silvretta you can reach with the car (motorcycle or bike). There is a wonderfull turquoise lake to see, you can go around it, if you’d like, it takes more or less two hours. There are also two hotels and surprisingly they’re not so expensive as you can think. A room for two people costs about 90 euros, but it has to be booked before. We didn’t sleep there, couse we have already booked something else nearby a different lake, as you will see later.



The whole next day we have spent in Pertisau. It’s a village on the Achensee in the mountains of Karvendel.





If you like hiking (or you can take the funicular :)) then you can see the Karvendel range from above.




Right on the Gernalm  we’ve got the sweetest room you can imagine. The room costs 90 euros per night and it was the best hotel room I’ve ever been in.


The hotel is kind of isolated, so if you’re looking for a quiet place, where only birds can find you, this is the perfect place for you.


Get up early in the morning, open the balcony and see how the sun wakes up in the peaks of the mountains. It’s mesmerizing.

And of course the region of Tirol has it’s goddess :)

20141004_114248 (600x800)

If you go to Austria, maybe you can use the dicionary I’ve prepared for you. Not everything is called the same way as in Germany:

Topfen (Germ. Quark) meens quark.

Jause it’s a snack, in the Alps mostly bread with cheese.

Gelse (Germ. Mücke) is gnat.

Bankomat is the German Geldautomat :) I really like that because we call it in Poland bankomat as well :)

Melange is just a caffee latte. In German: Milchkaffee.

Obers (Germ. Sahne) is cream.

And Spital (Germ. Krankenhaus) is a hospital.


And to get you in the Tirol mood I show you this cool song from Global Kryner :)


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